Forever Young BBL: A Fountain of Youth

Very exciting news about the BBL technology we offer:  A recent study by Stanford University shows that skin treated regularly with BBL photorejuvenation therapy (Broadband Light) can actually reverse aging at a cellular level.

We have scientific evidence that our BBL treatments, when done on an annual or semi-annual basis, do more than just improve the appearance of lax skin and pigmentation on the skin. The presence of genetic modulation scientifically proves that skin is repaired to a healthier, more youthful state (i.e. we are truly slowing down the aging process of skin)! The Stanford Study was completed only using patients who received their BBL treatments with a Sciton device, which is what our clinic proudly offers.

Our innovative Forever Young BBL™ device has one-of-a-kind flash lamp technology and precision cooling, making it the gold standard in photorejuvenation. Its broad range of wavelengths allow targeted treatment for skin conditions like acne, facial flushing, spider veins, age spots, etc.

If you want skin that not only looks younger, but behaves like younger skin, please schedule a consultation with our esthetician, Becca. 912-355-7766

Labiaplasty: It's a distressing problem for many women

Boost Sexual Confidence, While Enhancing Labia Appearance and Comfort

 Labiaplasty is not something every woman is thinking about, but for some women, they think about it a lot. The size and appearance of their labia is causing a lot is distress. I have taken care of some young women who have been distressed for years before they finally come in for a consultation. Many had no idea that there was something that could be done.

The size and appearance of the labia varies a lot and some women have fairly large labia and don't seem very bothered, while some feel like they are constantly bulging and hanging in the way. It's not very different from women who want a breast reduction. They just want to feel more comfortable with themselves and how they feel in their clothes and swimsuits.

Along with alleviating irritation and intimacy issues, our goal during labiaplasty is to carefully sculpt the labia so they appear pretty and natural-looking. It is very important for you to have an idea of what you want in terms of your result. Some women just want their labia smaller and some want them to be essentially removed. There are different techniques that can be used and we want to make sure you are happy and have the result that you desire. Following the procedure, most gain the sexual confidence they lost or never had due to the appearance of their labia before the procedure.

Your anatomy, and your desired outcome will determine to use either laser or non-laser labiaplasty and which surgical technique.  We strive to preserve the natural contour and pigmentation of the labia with minimal scarring, while maintaining sensation – producing the most natural results, and in some cases, women want to reduce as much as possible.

Who May Benefit From a Labiaplasty Procedure?

If uneven or protruding labia cause labial pain and irritation (especially when riding a bike, motorcycle, horse, etc.), challenges during intercourse and/or a bulge that is visible through tight clothing – you may be a good candidate for labiaplasty.

Some women also experience more sexual satisfaction and sensation due the reduction in labial tissue, as well as enhanced self-confidence.

You may also consider labiaplasty to correct darker areas of labial skin due to hormonal changes or genetic factors. Patients typically request a pink, smooth labia appearance.

During your consultation you will speak with Dr. Pettigrew directly, and she will answer any questions you may have regarding labiaplasty surgery itself, labiaplasty recovery time, medications and how to eliminate any potential post-surgical complications.

Vaginal Tightening!!? Do I need it?? Here's the 411...

Have you noticed a lack of intimate satisfaction or a decrease in vaginal moisture? This is something that millions of women all over the world struggle with and two of the very common reasons that vaginal tightening has become a topic of conversation increasingly raised during gynecology visits. Women commonly start experiencing these symptoms in their late thirties to early forties.

Lost your Mojo?

Most women do not expect to experience pain, lack of moisture, decreased sexual satisfaction/sensitivity, and even vaginal itching or burning as they reach middle age. However, as a result of the decreased estrogen production that occurs naturally as they age, many women find themselves face to face with these factors and feel a huge blow to their self-confidence and their own sense of femininity. Fortunately, it is not something that has to go unresolved, as new technology has led to innovations in women’s healthcare and introduced laser vaginal rejuvenation systems. The DiVa laseris the most effective, innovative, and safe method of vaginal tightening available.

If you are wondering just what vaginal rejuvenation can actually do to benefit you, it is important to know that it is not merely a matter of wanting things to be a little bit tighter as a vanity issue. It is a matter of increasing your overall health and well-being. Vaginal tightening is an effective tool in reversing the effects from pregnancy and decreasing hormones as we age.

Some of the conditions you might be experiencing include:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal pain or discomfort during intercourse
  • Unusual bleeding after sexual activity
  • Dryness experienced during intercourse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Burning during urination
  • Unexpected and urgent needs to urinate
  • Frequent urinary tract infections
  • Changes to the vaginal canal including tightening and shortening
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Itching sensations

DiVa is safe, the most effective, and least invasive methods available; which means that your need for vaginal tightening can be addressed without having to take a more drastic route like surgery. DiVa costs about a fourth of the price of surgery, with no downtime.....and no pain.

SCARED OF ESTROGEN CAUSING BREAST CANCER?-feel empowered with this knowledge

Did you know Premarin was first introduced in 1941? That's how long hormonal replacement has been offered for wide use. THAT'S 76 YEARS!!! Estrogens are by far one of the most studied yet most controversial medications. The controversy started in 2002.

In 2002, the WHI (Women's Health Initiative is a long-term national health study that has focused on strategies for preventing heart disease, breast and colorectal cancer, and osteoporotic fractures in postmenopausal women) stopped the hormonal trial because of the increased risk of breast cancer. Below is a summary of their findings. The Estrogen Alone arm had fewer cases of cancer. (In the study, the Estrogen was Premarin, derived from horse urine, and the progestin used was medroxyprogesterone acetate, a synthetic progesterone.)

During the estrogen-plus-progestin trial, breast cancer risk progressively increased to 24% overall. For every 10,000 women taking estrogen-plus-progestin for one year, there were 9 extra cases of breast cancer. These cancers were at a more advanced stage than in the placebo group. During the post-intervention follow-up period, the risk remained elevated.

In the estrogen-alone trial, we observed a reduced risk of breast cancer among women assigned to estrogen compared to placebo. For every 10,000 women taking estrogen-alone for one year, there were 7 fewer cases of breast cancer. The effect was present but not statistically significant during the intervention phase, but it persisted after stopping, and the risk of breast cancer was significantly reduced (by 21%) over the 13-year follow-up.

In 2013, JAMA but out a followup article with the following conclusions: "Menopausal hormone therapy has a complex pattern of risks and benefits. Findings from the intervention and extended post-intervention follow-up of the 2 WHI hormone therapy trials do not support use of this therapy for chronic disease prevention, although it is appropriate for symptom management in some women."  ---This means take HRT for control of menopausal symptoms only, not for therapy of any chronic disease, like osteoporosis or cardiovascular problems. Also note that the hormones used in the study are not bio-identical.